Week 20 in Intelligent Packaging – Focus on Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

Find out how RFID solutions, demand forecasting and robots can make the digital supply chain more efficient. Week in intelligent packaging is our curated series of trending news on intelligent packaging solutions.



How machine learning can improve supply chain efficiency

The current technology for demand forecasting for supply chains often presents the user with inaccurate results, causing them to make severe economic mistakes. They cannot properly understand the changing market patterns and market fluctuations, and this hampers its ability to properly calculate market trends and provide results accordingly.

3 x how machine learning can improve efficiency:

1. Planning team’s problems: with machine learning, the system can take many variables according to their priorities based on the data, and make a highly accurate model.  

2. Safety stock levels: machine learning can help by evaluating many more variables for setting an optimum security stock level.

3. Sales and Operations Planning: machine learning finds a perfect use here, as it can improve the quality of forecasting by learning the current market trends through different kinds of data. 

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How to Measure Supply Chain Efficiency in Your Warehouse

The supply chain plays an integral part in maintaining a well-functioning organization. A well-structured and organized warehouse will help you achieve your distribution goals and adequately analyze metrics.

Tracking these logistics metrics can help you identify and tackle issues in your warehouse before they become a problem:

1. On-Time Shipping

2. Warehouse Capacity

3. Accurate Order Fulfillment

4. Properly Storing Incoming Product

5. Peaks in Warehouse Capacity

6. Total and Individual Cycle Times

7. Damaged Products

8. Employee Turnover Rate

9. Accurate Tracking of Trailers

10. Recording Temperatures

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DHL Supply Chain turning to robots to boost efficiencies

Dozens of the 100-pound mobile robots are doubling productivity in picking medical devices at a Memphis facility of DHL Supply Chain, which is looking to significantly expand its use of robotics and other leading-edge technology solutions in e-commerce fulfillment.

Doubling of productivity already has been realized since the initiative began as a pilot project in mid-2017. 

Other innovations demonstrated by DHL Supply Chain at its RILA event booth included another pick-assist device known as vision picking, an augmented reality tool using “smart glasses” to optimize warehouse processes. That technology has been piloted by the company in picking fashion items at a facility in Columbus, Ohio.

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